Polla-Ilariya Kozino


Skills: Advanced problem solving; Multitasking; Team management; High adaptability; Animation&VFX complete production pipeline; Remote work officiancy 


Software: SHOTGRID (aka SHOTGUN); Maya; Realflow;  Nuke;  Adobe Creative Suit;  PremierPro; Avid Media Composer; SketchBook Pro; G-Suite


Language: English; Russian; Mandarin Chinese

What you should know about me as a producer:

I am a hard-working, easily adapting problem-solver with passion and extensive knowledge in animation and visual effects. As a producer, I always look for better ways to get things done while balancing a positive work environment in the team. I thrive in working with people, which is crucial for team management, working with clients, and making connections in the industry. The ability to fluently speak three languages is another tool I use when working with international crew or clientele. 

I am a quick study and am willing to learn whatever is necessary for the sake of the project. I started as an artist and have worked in different roles of animation & VFX pipelines, from visual development to 3D animation, compositing and editing. That gives me a unique insight and helps to find better ways to complete the project I manage. 


Polla-Ilariya Kozino is an animation director and producer. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Polla started her career early on and had her first art exhibition at the age of eight. She got her BFA in Academy of Art University (San- Francisco) where she studied Animation and Visual Effects. She worked as a director and producer on many projects, such as "Coyote's Place", "Gyronaut" and many others. Most recently she worked in Laika Entertainment film, "Missing Link". In 2019 Polla co-founded a production company "Insomnia Production", where she and her team are currently working on various animation projects.